Date: 12th - 13th April 2017, 10am – 4pm.

Venue: Atrium, I Block, Coleraine Campus, Ulster University


Due to the accessibility of drone technologies the aerial view of the environment is more pervasive in today’s cultural consciousness. But what is the power and agency of these images? How does the drone image function as a critical device for the evaluation of landscape and society’s connection to it?

Performing the Drone is an ongoing research project funded by the British Academy to explore the drone image. The project is seeking to investigate the set of causes and effects that are put into motion by the drone image, and to ascertain the function of the drone aesthetic; how it is we draw value from the image and use this value to ascribe a look and feel to the image.


During the workshop participants will be introduced to a range of drone-based media to prompt a conversation about the knowledge that is communicated and interpreted through the vertical topographies of space revealed in the drone image. These materials will be gathered from a diverse range of resources including amateur drone photography, environmental agencies, artist practice, poetry, journalism, fiction and film. The conversation that evolves from discussion of these artefacts, will then be used in the collaborative development of creative outcomes that expose the genre and its associated visual language.


Outside the obvious inclusion of researchers and practitioners within the humanities and art and design disciplines, the workshop is seeking to promote broad range of responses on which to assess the reality of the space consciousness created by the drone image, and thus is particularly interested in involving a wide range of disciplines connected to the performance of the drone image (including Sociology, Built Environment and Environmental Science).


Current literature connected to the drone image lacks questions relating to its phenomenological, cultural and historical conditions. Hence you will be contributing to the evolution of a visual language of the drone image by exploring the images through the lens of the human condition.
Those who attend the workshop will also become contributors to the ongoing project; the workshop outcomes will be curated online, and offline exhibition opportunities will be explored.
The project methodology will also provide researchers with innovative and insightful research methodologies that can support their own research practice; revealing complex and contested knowledge through practice rather than representation.


Atrium, I Block, Coleraine Campus, Ulster University

12th - 13th April 2017, 10am – 4pm

Refreshments and lunch are provided. Attendance is free but registration by 31st March 2017 is essential.

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